Your top track this week comes from a pair of well known (yet unlikely) collaborators who aren’t only writing songs together, but touring under a fresh alias as well.


Quick side note: As you may have noticed lately… Bass Report hasn’t been going up on Wednesdays consistently, but I’m trying to keep to a Wed/Thurs schedule the best I can. I haven’t missed a week yet, so you can always count on new tunes by the weekend!

BassReport 96


#1 Kill The Zo – Part I

Bass music heavyweight Kill The Noise recently formed a partnership with the UK’s Mat Zo, who most would agree works primarily on the lighter end of the spectrum. I guess I’d describe their debut track as some sort of glitched out drum & bass glued together with very “Zo-esque” breaks that provide a complimentary brightness to accompany the type of bass line you’d expect from anything KTN touches. It’s a refreshing collaboration that goes much further than e-mailing stems back and forth, and I’m eagerly awaiting part two.


#2 Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth – Flash


#3 Jantsen & Dirt Monkey – Ice Cream Sound


#4 Zeds Dead & Hunter Siegel – LOUD


#5 Dubsidia & La Musique D’Ordinateur – Double Trouble


#6 Minnesota ft. G. Jones – Thunderdome


#7 The McMash Clan – Shadow Dance


#8 Getter – Fallout (FuntCase Remix)


#9 Spag Heddy & Panda Eyes – Nafta


*Late Night Special*
Maxx Baer – Caprisun (Grimm Remix)



Still Hot!

#1 SirensCeol – Moments Of Silence

#2 Snails – SLUGZ

#3 Protohype – Downfall

– StatiK

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