There were two releases this month that had a huge impact. The first was Girl Talk’s album ‘All Day’ which is definitely his best work to date. It’s more coherent, less manic, and just really fun and enjoyable to listen to. You can get it free from his website.

The second big release was Deadmau5′ new album. Also by far his best to date (and that’s saying a lot). There’s a little bit of everything on here, covering all of his influences and interests, from electro to dubstep, and downtemp prog stuff with airy female vocals. I think the best track on this album is far and away ‘Raise Your Weapon’, but maybe I’ve just listened to Animal Rights or Sofi Needs a Ladder too many times. If you haven’t picked this album up yet, do it NOW. This IS one of the best albums of 2010, hands down.

Deadmau5 also had an enormous release via his soundcloud channel this month. He posted a snippet that went super viral, and has since received about 300,000 plays – it received 100,000 in the first week!

The other two REAALLLLY big tracks of the month were definitely A-Trak’s fantastic remix of Robyn’s new single Indestructible, and a fresh release by The Prodigy that went viral.

And without further adieux, the tracks!!

Big Dirty Dubstep
Mega Mashup of the Month
Disco and Funk
Rihanna Remixes

I’ve been showing Rihanna’s new single a lot of love because it has heavy trance influences, and I have a very MSTRKRFT outlook on electronic music – one by one I think we can trick and convert them :)

Synth Pop and Indie Dance
Electro & Assorted Bangers

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