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Aug 30, 2016

Patrick Megeath, better known as Dirt Monkey, just released a new full-feature album, which in itself is a ferocious powerhouse! The Colorado-based dubstep/trap aficionado wants to showcase his wide range across many genres – going from hard-hitters such as Battlestar Dirtlactica and Super Saiyan, to chillers like Cosmic Rose, and going deep with Combination Style and The Juice. Regardless of style, each song on the album fits perfectly with one another as puzzle pieces; at the same time, each song is very capable of standing on its own as a solid track.

Check out Chroma and let this colourful album speak to you in many ways! The entire album is up for grabs as a free download through Dirt Monkey’s label, Kairos Audio.


I even had the pleasure to ask Patrick a few questions pertaining to the album! Here’s what he had to say:

Who/what helped influence the creation of Chroma?

A lot of my good friends helped with this. My wife Alyssa was the one person that convinced me that I should release all this music together as an album in the first place. The album actually started as two different projects that I was going to release separately. I was going to start a new future bass/chill music project, then decided to expand the horizons of where the Dirt Monkey project reaches instead. My friend Tom thought of the album name by looking at the art and listening to the album (look up the definition of Chroma and you’ll see why).

Is there a track on the album which holds a certain amount of significance to you?

The title track Chroma is very significant to me. It marked the beginning of me really deciding to step things up production-wise. I actually started that song 2 years ago, and worked on it here and there for that whole time.

Regarding the songs you wrote on-the-go (Truffle Shuffle/Maui Sunrise/Rainbow Road/Gum Drops), did you find there to be a fundamental difference between that and writing songs in your studio?

For sure, I think writing on the go gives me a different level of focus that can’t be attained when I’m in the studio. If I’m on the train or plane, I’m usually highly caffeinated and in my headphones, with nothing else to get up and go do. Therefore, I just go way in on whatever I happen to be working on. The only downside is not having my midi keyboard and not being able to use my studio monitors, but it definitely provides a unique type of inspiration.

How did your wife help contribute to the production of Work It?

I actually sat down with her to write a song together, and she pretty much backseat produced the beat. Then we recorded some vocals where her and our friend pretended to be obnoxious drunk girls in the club yelling at the DJ, but those vocals got replaced by Clinton Sly… Might have to release the VIP featuring her someday though.

Who’s your all-time favourite Super Saiyan?

I’m gonna be real with you guys – I haven’t watched Dragon Ball Z in like 20 years! haha

~Dirt Monkey~

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