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Apr 25, 2013

Hey everyone!

Since growing up, my music tastes have evolved a lot. They began with 90s bands like Smash Mouth and even Weird Al. But as I aged, certain life events called for certain genres. Celebratory moments with friends after graduation. Sad moments after a breakup or loss of a family member. And of course, the soundtrack to one of those random happy days blasting a favorite tune on repeat in the car.

Just like scent, sound, too, is encoded in the neural connections your brain makes with every memory. It’s through this phenomenon a single song can evoke the most vivid and nostalgic memories.

That’s where Salacious Sound comes in. I’ve been following this blog for several years now, lurking in the background for new beats from new artists. I guess the searching and collecting quenches my hipster thirst for obscurity. If there’s a song everyone is listening to on the radio, I wanted the latest extended remix of it. And Salacious Sound always had it.

As my first post here on the website, I want to share with you my top five most memorable songs, ranging from underground hip hop to mainstream EDM. I hope you enjoy them! Don’t forget to check back for my posts every week, with focus on the Minnesota-based hip hop label Rhymesayers, and the house/trance label founded by the London-based trio Above & Beyond, Anjunabeats.

– Ω
Trying to Find A Balance – Atmosphere
This was the first underground hip hop song I ever heard. I was in a chemistry lab and a student asked if he could place some music. He did, and I fell in love. In the upcoming articles, I almost guarantee there will be more from this talented artist.
Irreversible – Grieves
I really love this beat. Budo, who does all of Grieves’ beats, is a talented producer. He weaves in classic hip hop tunes, with a live trumpet and old-fashioned recording. Matched with Grieves’ flow, it truly is a unique example of the Rhymesayers label.
Liberation (Something Good Remix) – Orkidea
Stepping into the world of EDM, this Orkidea + Something Good song is an excellent example of how a repeated beat can evoke such a happy emotion. The ebb and flow of the melody with the magical high-hat pattern and perfectly timed bass is really unrivaled.
On My Way To Heaven – Above & Beyond
I know there are several remixes of this song (many of which are mind-blowing!), but the original production is absolutely amazing. Richard Bedford’s voice is incredibly sharp and reverberates with every fiber of my soul. The first time I heard it was when I was driving from San Francisco to Santa Barbara to visit my brother at college. I looped it over 15 times and haven’t stopped playing it since.
Breaking 2Night (Maor Levi Mashup) – OceanLab & Eric Prydz
I can’t make a list of my favorite songs without including this. Maor Levi is an incredibly talented producer and hit my heart in all the right spots with this tune. It’s upbeat, danceable, and combines two of my favorite artists into one amazing mashup, with an increased tempo. This is by far the most played track on my iPod at the gym.
~~~~~ Ω

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