Makoto – Different Rhythm / What Do You Want [Stream]


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Feb 16, 2012

 Makoto is a fuckin’ wizard. This dude has been quietly crafting masterful Drum & bass compositions since 1999 and what’s more, he’s from Japan. Yeah that’s right, drum & bass from Japan…if you’re thinking that sounds awes0me, it is.

A-side “Different Rhythm” is an ethereal blend of fluctuating basslines, modulating tones, and ricocheting D’n’b percussion. B-side “What Do You Want” veers towards house territory with a repeated vocal refrain and cascading synths. Makoto, however, does not diverge from breakbeat rhythms and thus avoids any considerable shift in his characteristic sound.

Is it just me or does everything awesome come from Japan? I mean you’ve got Ghibli films, Nintendo 64, Pocky, sushi and of course, Makoto. #JaPaNisThefUtUre

The Different Rhythm / What Do You Want – Single is now available for streaming and purchase on Tokyo-based label 7even Recordings‘ Bandcamp:


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