There are so many songs that I have chosen for this list, and with just joining SoundCloud this year (which was the best decision I’ve ever made) it was a very promising 2011. If you are a Nu-Disco junkie like myself, you’ll love and enjoy every song that I have picked specially from some of my favorite artists.

BTW, listen to em’, favorite em’, tell me which one you liked especially in the comment box below!

Mix Chopin – I’m Gonna Get You by Mix Chopin

Not Quite Disco – Just A Little by Champagne Records

Again by Moonlite Records

Le Babar – Sounds Of K by Lebabar

Mr. Moustache – Young Romance by Mr. Moustache

Frenssu – Comrades by Frenssu/Kyandi/SimGretina

Mix Chopin – Lush by Mix Chopin

Frenssu – Mr. Phoneguy by Frenssu/Kyandi/SimGretina

Les Loups – Side To Side (Original Mix) – Umalu Recordings by Les Loups

Justin Faust – Get Down by Justin Faust

Love Situation (Original Mix) (Now Available On Beatport) by Geisha Twins

Do You Feel The Same? EP Minimix [Coming September On Stardust Records] by Geisha Twins

Frenssu – When I Call Her by Frenssu/Kyandi/SimGretina

Poka – 99 Style by FRENCH EXPRESS

LE YOUTH – Dreamin’ (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Le Youth

SDR-014 Kosmetique – III (Original Mix) EXTRACT by Stardust Records

Florian Bery – Destiny by Florian Bery | Gliterium

Vanguard – Loving Someone Else by VANGUARD

seya – float by Seya

Mr. Moustache – Rendezvous by Mr. Moustache

Le Babar – Nightlife(Original Mix) by Lebabar

Canis (Original Mix) by Fuzzy Cuzzin

Deepest Blue – Deepest blue (Allen Walker & Wietse Re-Write) [Full] by iamAllenWalker

Calembour – Still Believe In Romance by Calembour

Viceroy – Free Flow by Shiny Disco Club

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