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I hope you all enjoyed and were inspired by electronic music in 2010 as much as I was. It was a special year!

Miami Horror – Holidays

Wow was choosing the top five tracks of this list HARD. I wouldn’t read much in to the ordering to be honest.

That said, Miami Horror’s production isn’t just on another level though.. it’s like they are from a completely different planet (planet funk, anyone?) Their track Holidays is wholly deserving of the top position. I am going to see these people live in 2011 if I have to go to Australia to make it happen – there is one producer but their live act is a four piece band, and I can’t even begin to imagine how amazing these tracks would sound in person!!

Miami Horror on Soundcloud

[audio:Miami Horror – Holidays.mp3]

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours

One of the most beautiful videos of the year, and certainly one of the top tracks too. Each frame of the vid is a separate oil painting – a feat which took months to complete!

Breakbot on Soundcloud

[audio:Breakbot – Baby Im yours feat Irfane.mp3]

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)

The Twelves are, in a manner of speaking, a duo that I love to hate. They are SO GOOD but release SO LITTLE!! I have seen this guys a few times, and they are great friends to Salacious (check our interview from 2009!), so I wish them all the best in 2011!!

The Twelves on Last.fm

[audio:Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix).mp3]

Louis La Roche – Missing You (Feat. Ad-Apt)

One of the single most recognizable and accessible tracks of the year. Huge crossover. Rinsed to the nth degree at gigs. Louis La Roche was one of the major success stories of 2010, and I anticipate we will see more great things from him in 2011!!

Edit: Still unreleased, but first surfaced in 2009. Even still, this was one of SalaciousSound’s most popular tracks of 2010, and one of my absolute favourites!

Louis La Roche on Soundcloud

[audio:Louis La Roche – Missing You (Feat. Ad-Apt).mp3]

Swick – Grow Up (Cassian Remix)

This track was on high rotation from the moment I heard it, and has been played at almost every one of my gigs this year. Cassian had a huge year, and this was but one of many successes!

Cassian on Soundcloud

[audio:Swick – Grow Up (Cassian Remix).mp3]

Pharrel Williams & Uffie – Add Suv (Armand Van Helden Club Remix)

This was a monster crossover hit in 2010, reaching from disco to pop and french touch; no surprise with the production talent on this track!!

Armand Van Helden on Soundcloud

[audio:Pharrel Williams & Uffie – Add Suv feat. Pharrel Williams (Armand Van Helden Club Remix).mp3]

Florrie – Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)

One of the most beautiful synth leads of the year.

Fred Falke on Soundcloud

[audio:Florrie – Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit).mp3]

Empire of the Sun – We Are The People (NightWaves Remix)

Released early on in 2010, this stayed on the heavy rotation list ’til well in to the year, and I still regularly jam it.

NightWaves on Soundcloud

[audio:Empire of the Sun – We Are The People (NightWaves Remix).mp3]

Metronomy – A thing for me (Breakbot Remix)

What can I say.. Breakbot really brought it this year. The guy has amazing style, and I am eager to see him live!

Breakbot on Soundcloud

[audio:Metronomy – A thing for me (Breakbot Remix).mp3]

Robyn – Indestructible (A-Trak Radio Edit)

Robyn is unquestionably one of the five biggest success stories of 2010. Not only did she have one of the best and most popular albums of the year, its crossover appeal was huge, and her fantastic vocals lent to TONS of remixing and bootlegging by everyones favourite bedroom producers, to the biggest names in dance music. While A-Trak’s Robyn remix is perhaps only my second favourite of a long list, it is the only one to make this particular list because of its unique spin. A-Trak REALLY killed this track, and people are going to be listening to his remix far longer than they will be the original (at least I will be!) Sick track!!

A-Trak on Soundcloud

[audio:Robyn – Indestructible (A-Trak Radio Edit).mp3]

Gramophonedzie – Why Don’t You

Swing, jazz, and other classic-sounding breaks and slowdowns were an EXTREMELY popular trend in house music this year, and Why Don’t You was in a class of its own. Sick video too!!

Gramophonedzie on Soundcloud

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Cassian Remix)

Wowee.. this has to be the most remixed track of the year by far! The stems were released for free, if I recall correctly, and every man and his dog had a crack. Cassian’s rendition was, unsurprisingly, the cream of the crop!

Cassian on Soundcloud

[audio:Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Cassian Remix).mp3]

Jean Tonique – Dynomite

This has to be utterly THE funkiest track I heard this year. Sounds straight out of a 1970s blacksploitation film, if not for the extremely high production value. Jean Tonique made a huge splash this year with his remixes and originals, and I am eagerly anticipating more funkiness from him in 2011!!

Jean Tonique on Soundcloud

[audio:Jean Tonique – Dynomite Strikes Back.mp3]

Andy Bell – Call On Me (Hey Champ Remix)

Heard this on a summer trip to Montreal and was immediately hooked – funky disco rhythmn, and an infectious bass line!

Hey Champ on Soundcloud

[audio:Andy Bell – Call On Me (Hey Champ Remix).mp3]

Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)

A great remix by one of the year’s most recognizable artists, of certainly one of the most high profile albums of the year!

Alex Metric on Soundcloud

[audio:Gorillaz – Stylo (Alex Metric Remix).mp3]

Burns and Fred Falke – You Stopped Loving Me (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Treasure Fingers always does well with SalaciousSound readers, but this track was exceptionally popular in 2010, and is just one example of the New York producer’s incredible talent.

Treasure Fingers on Soundcloud

[audio:Burns and Fred Falke – You Stopped Loving Me (Treasure Fingers Remix).mp3]

Yolanda Be Cool, DCUP – We No Speak Americano

This is another huge crossover hit from 2010 which reached across in to pop territory, and tempted the average listener towards dance music – a sort of Stereo Love of 2010!

DCUP on Soundcloud

Human Life – In It Together (Polygon Palace Remix)

Polygon Palace really took some risks on this remix, and it paid off big time. I heard a ton of remixes of In It Together this year, by huge names like Jaymo + Andy George, and Louis La Roche, and I don’t think any of them compared to this track!

Polygon Palace on Facebook

[audio:Human Life – In It Together (Polygon Palace Remix).mp3]

Cerrone – Give Me Love (Mix Chopin Re-Imagination)

Just a great effort from local Toronto producer Mix Chopin!

Mix Chopin on Soundcloud

[audio:Cerrone – Give Me Love (Mix Chopin Re-Imagination).mp3]

Ghosts Of Venice – Her (Bit Funk Remix)

No telling why (because this stuff is infectious!) but instrumental disco didn’t get a lot of love in the mainstream. In any case, this was a huge success on Salacious, and is something I will definitely play when I get in the right room with the right crowd!

Bit Funk on Soundcloud

[audio:Ghosts Of Venice – Her (Bit Funk Remix).mp3]

Aeroplane – Superstar (The Krays Remix)

While I’m not eager to throw support behind Aeroplane after hearing the horror stories from my friends about Vito this year, this track was a huge success for The Krays and deserves recognition!

[audio:Aeroplane – Superstar (The Krays Remix).mp3]

Realboy – The Ritz

This was another track that picked up on the fad of swing slowdowns/breaks/samples in 2010. Great re-imagining of a classic and extremely recognizable hit from the past, and just really fun!

Realboy on Soundcloud

[audio:Realboy – The Ritz.mp3]

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