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Aug 12, 2011

I always get so excited whenever I see that these two have posted something new on SoundCloud, because I know I’m going to have a great day listening to their amazing tracks! If you have no urge dancing to these dude’s funky fresh tunes, you may be dead. 🙂

Mr. Moustache on SoundCloud.

Mr. Moustache – Young Romance by Mr. Moustache

Mr. Moustache – Rendezvous by Mr. Moustache

Mr. Moustache – Deer Love (__) by Mr. Moustache


SimGretina on SoundCloud.

Frenssu – Dance 4evah by Frenssu/Kyandi/SimGretina

Frenssu – In The Night by Frenssu/Kyandi/SimGretina

Frenssu – Lady Love by Frenssu/Kyandi/SimGretina

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