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Nov 30, 2011

MO-month has grinded to a halt and just around the corner is the holiday season kicking it into consumerism high gear. Overwerk being ahead of the curve decided to drop a premature gift under the tree this year. Overwerk’s “The Nth EP” is available gratis! Scott free boys and girls! Your christmas budget just shrunk a tiny bit. Download the EP FREE HERE! Overwerk is throwing a lil wee brew-ha-ha in celebration of the EP. Catch Overwerk at Cobra Toronto this December 2nd for The NTH Release Party. In addition, down far below you will find my top 3 fav tracks from the EP – in no particular order.

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EP At A Glance:

From kick start to end track the EP seems to have a new-age Daft Punk vibe with a touch of Avicii-esque major chord sounds. The EP is stuffed with jagged, see-saw basslines and zippy sounding samples that make sure your hooked onto the bait tight! Cinematic orchestral leads and breakdowns provide a warm and comforting ride throughout this 1980’s arcade video game soundtrack. Lastly, the male vocals on Paradigm add a refreshing element to the EP, considering the EDM industry is over-saturated with female vocalists. Thank you Overwerk.
Artists That Pop To Mind

Le Castle Vania
Daft Punk
Van She Tech
The Disco Villains
Computer Club

Structure: 4/5
Flow: 4/5
Originality: 3.5/5
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Paradigm ft. Nick Nikon – OVERWERK by Paradigm Records
The Nth º – OVERWERK by Paradigm Records
Alive – OVERWERK by Paradigm Records
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