Monthly Best of the Blogosphere: November 2010

Electro house stuff had a huge month on my playlist in October, and its increasing play time is a trend that’s sure to continue for at least the next couple weeks. For one, every show I do now for under-25s demands at least 75% electro, which in most cases I’m happy to oblige with (excepting when I have an electro-induced headache): the party-favourite this month was the Katy Perry remix, followed by the Kesha remix. Biggest crowd response was for Knockin Boots at their first-rate opening set for Jack Beats on Halloween – best set I’ve seen them perform yet, and they made it damn hard for Jack Beats to follow them! The other two standout originals are huge tracks that deserve your attention.

I’ve also been listening to a TONNE of house this last month. I simply cannot wait until AN21/Vangeli release their remix of Pendulum’s The Island. I love the album version, but man did these guys ever step it up a notch. No surprise that they have the same knack for epic sounding instant-classics as Angello. The disco and funky stuff hasn’t been getting as much play time for me as of late, despite the surplus of stuff I had for this article – my upcoming mix, to be released in the next week, is straight vocal house so I’ve been on that tip non-stop in my home sessions.

I came across a couple fun dubstep tracks this month, but nothing too crazy or lasting.

Enjoy, and please take the time to let me know what you think in the comments!

Standout Original Tracks of the Month:
Most Anticipated As-Yet-To-Be-Released:
Epic Summer Festival House Mashup:
Must-Haves for Primetime Electro/Top-40/Party Sets This Month:
Filter Disco, Nu-Funk, and Dreamy Synths:
Dubby and Deep House:
Dubstep and Bass:
Other Great Tracks:

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