FRVNCH's Picks

FRVNCH’s Picks

Their has been tons of new music coming out this month and here are some of my personal picks that deserve attention. Check out these tracks that range from House music to some Bass Trap tunes. There is something for everyone in this list. So make sure to find your favorite tune and download it.

These Smooth Vibes give a fresh take on the classic “Get Jiggy With it” tune by Will Smith. Mark Pompeo gives us all the groove and deep synths we need all in one track.


Never heard of Dom Dias, but the Shifty Rhythms are close friends here at Salacious, so we made sure to check this track out. The bouncing bass and bmore percussions make this a party friendly that works well in any DJ’s set.


Saint is one of those talented dudes that just knows how to bring that heavy bass with every track and remix. This Bootleg is even more aggressive then the original.


Let’s mellow it a back with this house track. Smooth beat and nice chopped up vocals. It’s a great track to download and play it at the warehouse or pool party.


The old school house vibe with heavy synths make this the future of house right now. Looking back to lead the future of house music.


This track has all the amazing synths and has a very arabic melody that is so left field that it works well.


There’s not many Trap tracks that catch my attention these days, but this one was so well done. It gave a bit of melody, heavy bass, and smooth percussions.


The Dutch know how to give you the best of electronic music. This track has everything in one song. Jungle Terror, House, Ragga, Dub, and all that good stuff. Keep an eye out for the native Dutch Master DJ Punish making waves with his music.



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