Winter Anthems

Winter Anthems

I have been sitting pretty quiet as of late. The holidays and all the amazing food has kept me away from my Macbook. Thankfully, I blew the dust off my Macbook and headphones and decided to share some of the gems I’m currently enjoying. This edition of Anthems focuses on Winter aesthetic. So enjoy these Anthems that define a season of our lives.


Antonio James delivers a melodic ballad that uses synths reminiscent of the 80’s and a soulful voice that pushes the track to a cold and dark atmosphere. Antonio James is sure to be on the rise with hits like “Midnight Mirror”, so keep an eye out for Antonio James in 2016.

DMFR takes you to a damp warehouse that is packed with people dancing on an overcast night with the hit “Better Without You”  The creamy synths and grooving percussions make it cold yet inviting; Where as, the vocals give you a catchy wordplay to sing along to.


The Los Angeles based trio Geist has really made splashes with their last release, but push the house sound to a fun bass saturated tune. The track has all the grime and bass, but stays fun and easily enjoyable in a club, warehouse, or house party. Expect big things with Geist this year.


When you think of Khia, you may not think of winter or electronic music, but this latest remix delivers the aesthetic we love at Salacious Sounds; A heavy Bassline and Dark techno elements to a classic Hip Hop party track is a guarantee for a success.


The “Shape our Future” EP by Panteone is wonderful, but the remix by Egoh really delivers those sonic desires I so much desire on a cold winter day. A song that melodically has all the synths you enjoy in winter, but a beat that is uplifting and able to get any person dancing.



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