Summer Anthems

Summer Anthems Pt. 2

Summer Anthems

Summer Anthems

It’s that time of the year where the nights are warm and the party continues to the am. We rounded up some of our favorite Summer tracks for just this Summer. So dig in and enjoy our Summer Anthems.


1. This new Sweater Beats and Hoodboi remix is just such a major tune for this summer.The heavy synths, intricate beat and percussions we expect from hoodboi all fused together to deliver one of my favorite summer anthems.


2. When Shift K3y teamed up with Born Dirty on this track, it was inevitable that they would be creating an instant classic. A bouncey house vibe with synths from fidget era make me want to groove all day and night to this track. Thanks for bringing back some fidget vibes.


3. Anything that Bingo Players produce is a proper classic, but there are so many awesome remixes out there. One of our favorites is this Henry Fong remix that gives a fresh new vibe, but keeps important elements that made this track great. Well done Henry fong!


4. Ghastly really is bringing out that fidget and techno sound with this bouncy track. Ghastly is an artist we all need to pay attention to, because he’s on the rise with these funky summer classics.



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