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Aug 10, 2014


Now if I was to tell you of a kind man living somewhere around the arctic circle, working all year long in his workshop to give children and adults all over the world gifts without expecting anything in return… The majority of you would probably think I was talking about Santa Claus. I am not.

Dinky but Spiffy must be the electronic music scene’s best hidden talent. Based in H√§rjedalen, Sweden (a region 4,403 square miles big but with a population under 10000), the young producer has managed to pump out several albums worth of quality material (and almost all of them are free to download). Journey of a Nomad is a 12 track project that draws influences from everywhere… Hip hop, ambient electronica, dubstep, but the result is still very unique. I can’t really compare it to anything else I’ve heard, and my advice to you is to take your time and listen through the album from beginning to the very end. It is a journey people… A journey that you do not want to miss.

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