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Jan 15, 2014


Lee Bannon first caught my attention with his album Big Toy Box. I was drawn in by his unique Hip-Hop productions. As the years went on Bannon’s work got more experimental and he started to show his potential. His album, Caligula Theme Music, showed Bannon at his best with it’s haunting atmosphere and infectious beats. Even though his releases have become darker and more experimental, it was a shock to hear the direction he took on his debut for Ninja Tune. Alternate Endings is a Jungle album and a great one at that.


What stands out most is how fresh Alternate Endings sounds. Bannon takes Jungle and throws a ethereal twist on it. Each track is smothered in reverb, which helps create a dark atmosphere. The opening track, Resorectah, is pummeling from the very start and a great representation of what the rest of the album sounds like. My favorite track, NW/WB, has a great groove to it and has samples of RZA throughout.  216 is the most haunting track on the album with it’s eerie piano melody. Value 10 is a good blend of IDM and Footwork, which sounds fantastic. As good as Alternate Endings is, it does feel a little long. The length of the album is the only gripe I have, this album is fantastic. If you can listen to the whole album in one go it’s a very rewarding album. Bannon’s attention to detail is remarkable and this new direction leaves you wanting more.





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