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Apr 30, 2013

This is the Upbeats fourth studio album and their best. This New Zealand duo pulled out all the stops on Primitive Technique. From the opening track to the last, this album is perfect. I don’t say that lightly. One thing that stands out is the menacing atmosphere that’s in every track. The fourteen tracks here feel like a journey, each provoking a different emotion. There are some fantastic bangers on here; but it’s the moody, more atmospheric tracks that standout. Songs like Alone , which features Tasha Baxter on vocals, is an emotional cut that feels short even though it runs over six minutes.


Tracks like Diffused and Again I are somewhat inspirational. Armanni Reign’s vocals on Again I are powerful, his flow fits perfectly with the beat. Thrasher and Falling Into Place are mellow and dreamy, the subtle breaks are infectious. I can’t say a negative thing about this album. From the sound design to the song progressions, this album is perfect. This could be contender for album of the year, listen below!




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