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Jul 14, 2012

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The DnB superstars are back with their first full release since ‘Split The Atom’. ‘Imperial’ is an experimental album that is very different from their past release. The sounds heard on this EP are atmospheric, tribal, and infectious. It feels like a story from start to finish. Even the artwork for the EP feels unique.

Many considered ‘Split the Atom’ a masterpiece and worried that the group couldn’t follow up, but I suggest they did more than that. Being an EP, there are only four songs included. But each song is riddled with deep textures and instant accessibility. This is one of the best DnB releases this year.



‘Imperial’ is more noise than song, and not in a bad way. It’s a great atmospheric track that sets the mood for the whole EP. The textures on this track are dark, and the whole song has a very sinister vibe.

The middle section could almost be a dance track, but it’s clustered with deep tones and sounds. The bass on this is severely heavy. This could almost be a theme for an evil villain. I’m glad Noisia started the EP with something a little different.



The whole song feels like a build up. The beat is fast and the melody is gritty. The whole time listening to this I imagined civilians uprising to fight their government. The kick drum pulsates through the listeners ears and engages them instantly. I played this for a few friends who normally don’t like DnB, and they loved it. Even though its more club friendly than the opening track it still carries the thick atmosphere.



Easily the most dance friendly tune on the EP, ‘Dustup’ is bursting with energy. The entire song feels like an ancient tribal dance that has been touched up for the future. Snares and High hats aplenty, while the bass keeps that same heavy sound found through the entire EP. From start to finish you will be moving. I had to hit replay a few times, and every time it became more infectious. My personal favourite song off the EP.



Ending a stellar album is always a difficult task. The end track has to leave the listner wanting more. Noisia has done a great job on the end of this EP. The opening is a relaxing array of synths, then it takes a complete one eighty. It quickly becomes a banger that will have you flailing about. This song combines the atmosphere and dance appeal perfectly into one tight coherent banger.


Noisia have made an album that is an adventure. The story, however, is up to the listener. I had a great time with ‘Imperial’ and so will you. Even if you don’t like DnB give this a try! They have combined atmosphere with noise that you can dance to, its unique and a breathe of fresh air.

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