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Jul 13, 2013

Drum N Bass legends, Phace and Misanthrop, are the duo behind Neosignal. On Raum Und Zeit the duo have crafted one of this years standout albums. Raum Und Zeit translates to “Space and Time” and a fitting name due to the albums futuristic sound. Everything on this album sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Every second feels perfectly crafted and each song offers something new to the experience. While listening to Raum Und Zeit, I lost sense of time, each track is a sonic journey.

When listening to albums I can usually name favorite tracks, that is not the case here. There is something to love about each track and all of them stand on their own. The sound design is gorgeous and it feels futuristic. Even the song progressions are unique. On the track Saturn City, the tempo is constantly changing and the main melody evolves as the song progresses. It’s little details like those that make Raum Und Zeit standout. If you want something new and forward thinking, then look no further! Raum Und Zeit will draw you in, this is an album that can’t be missed, stream below and purchase here!



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