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Nov 7, 2013


Blending genres isn’t uncommon, but I never thought I’d hear Black metal fused with rave music. But this doesn’t sound like a gimmick, Phuture Doom’s sound is a fully fleshed out idea. As a fan of both Electronic music and Black metal, this album is a dream come true. While the first four tracks were featured on their Nightfall EP, the six new tracks all offer something different. Mach 100 is just a constant build up that doesn’t let up. I can see Mach 100 being the most accessible track for many. On, Doom Terror Corps, PD venture into Harcore and the results are great. Rites is the closest you’re going to get to a “mellow” song, even then the atmosphere is claustrophobic.  But Phuture Doom really shine when you hear tremolo guitar picking, blast beats, and an acid synth line all playing at once.


The closing three tracks are the best on the album. Paradise Lost maintains the Acid sound while having a Hip-Hop and slight Trap influence. The first time I heard Phuneral Phuture I thought I was listening to Dissection. The first minute of the track captures the atmosphere of Black Metal perfectly. Exodus is another track that caught me by surprise. It’s grandiose sounds could have been pulled straight out of a Hans Zimmer score. Overall Phuture Doom left me impressed and wanting more. The only downside to this album is you’re either going to love it or hate it. In my case I can’t get enough!  Hopefully we hear more from this mysterious trio soon. 



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