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Sep 8, 2013


Subscape is known for producing great tracks. But his latest two are the best he’s done yet. I Need You instantly caught my attention with it’s infectious drum beat. Both tracks will be available September 9th, in the mean time check out the previews! Subscape also took some time to answer questions about his latest two tracks!


 For our readers who don’t know who you are; introduce yourself! 
Hi I’m Subscape (Anthony Peters), I come from a town called Woking in the UK and have been a DJ/Producer making Dubstep, Drum & Bass and UK bass music for the past 8 years or so. I had my first break in 2008 with my debut release on the mighty Dub Police Records (owned by Caspa) and since then it has been my home in dubstep with single, CD and EP releases stretching over the years. On the label I’ve been known to keep my style very broad, but my more well-known productions have been melodic with a lot of dancefloor euphoric energy!
Your new single seems more refined, was there anything that changed during the production process this time around? 
I don’t think my method of production has changed dramatically over the years, and I think with a lot of producers you tend to stick with a formula that you know works best. It makes you more productive and stimulates your creative side. I also think that I haven’t found the holy grail to production, and I always look for ways to improve my work by learning new techniques, learning new software and collaborating with other artists to broaden my knowledge. So with every track I make there is almost always something new added, whether it be a new synth, new influence or a better mix down. My new single “I Need You” & “Close Your Eyes” was a result of new synth work mixed with my classic sound, especially with “Close Your Eyes” which has a more neuro-sounding bass.
What DAW and VSTs are you using?
I run Logic in my studio and also on my laptop when I’m traveling. I find a good balance of using samples and VSTs in my production, I’m a big fan of the Native Instruments plugins like Massive and FM8, i use them mainly for mid range bass and for synth stuff I like to use sylenth, nexus and some Rob Papen VSTs. Camel Phat is pretty good and I just got this plug in called the Sausage Fattener which is a pretty simple tool for beefing up sounds.
What are your plans for the rest of 2013? 
So I’m really looking forward to the release of “I Need You” & “Close Your Eyes” which is dropping 09.09.13… After that Dub Police is putting out a mix compilation called “Past – Present – Future” which will have some of my tracks old and new, excited for that, and hopefully I’ll be heading back to North America soon!
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