Anti-Winter Mix for Nyood Yoga: March

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Mar 29, 2013

So it’s the end of March but it isn’t quite spring let alone summer yet so this month I thought I would do a mix which reflected this in transition vibe. Not quite winter, not quite spring or summer. There is warmth, there is cool, there is sexiness but there is also bigger sound. In addition, listening to this mix again before posting it really makes me feel like it doesn’t stick to any particular genre or organizing rule. I basically found a bunch a music I really liked from all over the place and tried to throw it together regardless of the genre.


I usually stick to the house/deep house/funky/new disco stuff but this month I’ve tried to broaden my horizon and get out of my comfort zone dabbling in types of music I’m really not too knowledgeable about. The point here is to challenge yourself whenever you can. To push your own boundaries and to ask yourself: what more can I learn about today? This is a philosophy I value and also one that the team at NYOOD yoga values. Check them out at:

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