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Oct 10, 2012

Here we are again! It’s time for your weekly dose of fast, syncopated beats injected directly into your skull cavity. Each week, Neural Injection features the best releases from the drum and bass scene, with special attention to all things dark and deep, fast and furious.


Survival, Break – Stano / Going Over  [Dispatch Recordings]


First this week, we’ve got a release on Dispatch Recordings from Survival. Survival’s been in the drum and bass game since the mid-nineties, producing under various aliases. After a hiatus from 2003-2005 Survival came back into the fold under his current moniker, releasing tunes on respected labels like DBridge‘s Exit Records, Kasra‘s Critical Music, and of course Ant-TC1‘s Dispatch, with whom he’s been a fixture for some time. The release kicks off with a steppy collab from him and Break, ‘Stano,’ delivering some eerie old school vibes. Gotta love those congas, and that eerie guitar which peeks its head into the tune every so often. The second track (‘Going Over’) keeps things in more moody, atmospheric territory, with a warm bassline that covers you like a blanket. Can’t wait to test this one on a big system. Last on the release is the VIP of Survival’s ‘The Year 2133,’ which came out last year on Dispatch alongside ‘Clear The Mist‘ by Fathom Audio; another massive tune worth checking out.

Survival on Soundcloud


Disphonia, Place2b, Paimon, & Malk – Collapsed (Zero Method remix) / Pulsar (NickBee remix)  [Citrus Recordings]


Next we have a remix EP on Dutch drum and bass label Citrus Recordings, courtesy of Zero Method and NickBee. The first remix on the release comes from Hungarian producer Zero Method (‘Collapsed – Zero Method remix’) reworking a tune by the up-and-coming Greek duo Disphonia. This tune rolls along nicely with an evil vibe…and that reese is something else! Second on the release is a tune entitled ‘Pulsar’ by Place2b and Paimon (who now go by the name Teddy Killerz) with Malk, remixed by Ukrainian producer NickBee. This is probably my favorite of the two tracks on the release. The drums have this restrained, ‘pitter-patter’ quality to them which is really nice and makes me feel like I’m running. Maybe through the Amazon rainforest, due to that flute. The growly bassline only reveals itself in brief moments, exposing some sort of darkness; maybe it’s what I’m running from in this damn rainforest. Of course, I’m not even sure I’m really running – the bell-like sounds which creep underneath everything else make me wonder if it’s all a dream. This is a beautiful tune.

Zero Method on FacebookSoundcloud

NickBee on FacebookSoundcloud


Hykario ‎– Growing Down EP  [Close2Death]


Like I said last time, UK neuro label Close2Death has been on fire as of late, basically doing a release a week since summertime. It’s been a treat checking our their new tunes every week, and this week is no dif– wait a second. Holy hell. These tracks KILL. This week’s release comes from French producer Hykario, who’s been coming up in the neuro scene for the past year or so. This is undoubtably one of the finest neurofunk releases I’ve heard in 2012.  The production quality on both tracks is pretty outstanding, and I think this release marks Hykario really coming into his own as a producer. The title track on the release, ‘Growing Down,’ amps up with a killer intro before dropping into a driving piece of future-funk which transports me straight to neo-tokyo circa 2030. A tune worthy of any high speed cyberpunk car-chase. The second track ‘Atomix’ is equally stunning, an upfront neuro banger sure to do heavy damage on the dancefloor. I have no favorite track on the release. They are both my favorite. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot more from Hykario in the future.

Hykario on FacebookSoundcloud


Rregula, Dimentia, TREi &  Hooves – Dizgo (State of Mind remix) / Remedy  [Icarus Audio]


Speaking of labels worth paying attention to, US-based imprint Icarus Audio has been cranking out quality releases from a score of established and up-and-coming artists since its inception a couple years ago. This release sees the duo State of Mind join the Icarus roster with their remix of Rregula and Dimentia’s ‘Dizgo.’ TREi and Hooves join SOM on the flip with their track ‘Remedy.’ Both tunes are serious rollers, but manage to maintain an uplifting vibe. Especially ‘Remedy,’ which probably gets my pick as the favorite of the two. Icarus Audio remains one of my favorite labels, for good reason. If you’re unfamiliar with them, their back catalog is worth exploring – lots of quality music to be had.

State of Mind on FacebookSoundcloud

TREi on FacebookSoundcloud

Hooves on Soundcloud




Audio – Soulmagnet LP  [Virus]

Last comes a release from a producer and label combo of whom neither need introduction – the mighty Audio, releasing his new LP on the legendary Virus Recordings, founded by Ed Rush and Optical. I quite enjoyed Audio’s last LP on Virus, Genesis Device, so when another full length LP was announced I was pretty stoked. If past trends continue, this LP promises to be one of my favorites all year. InsideInfo just uploaded the track off the LP I’m looking forward to the most, his collab with Audio entitled ‘Recluse’. An absolutely wicked tune! Mysterious, dark, and sure to get the walls shaking – this is the Virus sound. Out on the 29th.

Audio on Facebook


See ya next week!


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