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Feb 2, 2012

Artists can be an awful pain in the ass when it comes to publishing recordings of their live performances. They play tracks that aren’t supposed to be on the internet, they play stuff they might not want to be identified with period, and they make mistakes which, while transparent in a loud nightclub where 95% of the clientele are bombed, come through in different mediums (ie your headphones).

So it’s no small feat that local Toronto label x show producer Provoke is getting world class artists like Chris Lake and Prok & Fitch to publish recordings of their performances.

I say kudos, to both the artists and Provoke. It’s been too long that artists have held on to the idea that people are mysteriously not going to go see their live performance “if they can just listen on the internet”. Bollocks. The fans that love you, and are going to enjoy this content most will support you always. The ones who you haven’t converted yet may just be convinced by your mix getting out there on the internet. And if one or two actually don’t show up because they heard your mix on the internet.. well, you probably don’t want those kids at your show anyway. They probably thought your track-selection or mixing sucked.

Thank you to Chris Lake and Provoke for this awesome content! Lets start working on the tracklist in the comments!!

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