Adele – Someone Like You (Dzeko & Torres Festival Bootleg)


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Aug 6, 2011

For those who might think “ahh, not another Adele remix”, well shut up. You just shut your face. Adele’s voice is like a batch of freshly baked cookies and i would welcome a hundred more Adele remixes if they were produced and sent to me, so settle. Now, imagine taking those cookies and splashing on a dash of Toronto sugary goodness (aka Dzeko & Torres) and you have what could possibly be a batch of cookies that God himself would eat. For those who aren’t following, the batch of cookies is the track silly, Some Like You (Dzeko & Torres Festival Bootleg)! I think someone needs to possibly call SHM or Avicii and tell them they have one more track to add to their sets (heck, call everybody). Its a real treat, take a nibble…

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Adele – Someone Like You (Dzeko&Torres Festival Bootleg) by DzekoandTorres

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