Skream, Artwork and Benga Drawn Together

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Jul 26, 2010

Seeing as the last few days have involved a lot of Skream and Benga for me, I figured I would toss up a post about Magnetic Man. Skream and Benga played a significant set this Friday at Sound Academy for the annual Time Festival. Their set blended popular Dubstep anthems, bangers and featured certain songs which foreshadowed the future. Their latest project is a Dubstep super-group involving Skream, Benga and Artwork. Their debut album will feature guest appearances from family names and voices. Magnetic Man recently dropped their Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. Check it out, and look forward to them coming to move some air near you.

Songs like I Need Air can be coupled with track like Breakage‘s Speechless that are a part of the realization of the vast possibilities for this genre as it breaks into simultaneously breaks into sub-genres and begins to dominate popular music. Possibly this will bring a sweet end to Electro-Pop.

[audio:Breakage Ft Donaeyo – Speechless.mp3]

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