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Feb 12, 2009

So I’m back up on the horse after a brief hiatus – things have been keeping me busy, and the backend work I’ve been doing on the site lately has eaten up more than a little of my time, but we have a much more scalable databasing system in place now, and a ton more bandwidth, which is good because we just about got dinged pretty big this month.  I’m currently exploring ad options for our site, because lets face it, I can’t pay $500 a year, invest hundreds of hours of my time, and not try to at least cover my costs.  It’s my hope that we can find some contextual stuff, preferably ads for Toronto, LA, or NYC shows – if you’re a promoter, club owner, DJ, or other interested party please let us know!

I have a ton of tunes ready for you guys, and some of them are real bangers.  My inbox over the last two weeks has been piling up pretty hard – I am currently getting about 70-80 tracks a week, and I promise you I listen to them all and intend to stay as liberal as I have been in the past with what I put on the blog.  On that note, I have some tracks for you from multiple submitters!

[audio:Mt Sims – Bitten Bite Back (True Pseudo remix).mp3,Kanye West – Love Lockdown (My Dear Disco Remix).mp3,Octave One – Black Water (JeKO Refix).mp3,Kanye West feat. KOVAS – Gorgeous.mp3]

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