Saw the Bloody Beetroots in London, it was ok. What really impressed me were the opening sets by Golden Gloves and Gingy. Neither went with the electro banger that has become the standard for these parties. Opting for tracks that combined old school classics and modern marvels I really enjoyed both of these sets more than the headliner. That might be because the banger electro thing is losing its appeal. Sorry?

Last night Parallels destroyed The Boat in Kensington filling the empty dancefloor within a minute of the first kick drum and synth notes. I was also fortunate enough to check out Tight Knit DJs @ Augusta House and Gingy+Violca @ College Street Bar. Both nights had me on the dancefloor with funky, fun and sometimes forgotten tracks to keep me moving.


So there are a few things I have been really enjoying. Trentmoller’s got two tracks that have a great vibe and I love listening to. The Modselektro remix is long, but worth it. Ghetto Blaster remixed by Hatiras makes me want to move, a great bassline with nothing to fancy its a song that I would definitely drop in a set if I were to DJ.


I get a lot of submissions from people I’ve met in Toronto and throughout my travells here are a couple.

Love Thy Brother is the DJ aspect of the Saintwoods crew who have been making waves in Montreal’s party scene for a while. This remix of Queen’s We Will Rock You is what it is. The production is well done, and it will do exactly what its suppose to on the dancefloor, keep the college kids moving.

John Roman is from Oakville and a lot of people have seen him making waves on the charts. I know I said I have been moving away from “Bangers” and this definitely have the overdriven synth sound that I haven’t really been into recently; however, the production quality and creativity in this track are great. Its a really well done track and I am looking forward to couple of upcoming tracks.

Real Talk is a project that just got up and running this year and will be focused on generating buzz throughout the summer. Here are the first two tracks I have received. I am looking forward to hearing some feedback and hopefully getting some of the buzz started.

[audio:Queen – Rock You (Love Thy Brother).mp3,84.85 and Smut Peddler – Cape Fear.mp3,Bloody Beetroots – Warp (Barletta Edit).mp3,Modselektor – The White Flash (Trentem0ller Remix).mp3,Real Talk – Anyways.mp3,Andy Caldwell – Give A Little (Trentem0ller Re-Adjusment).mp3,Tim Heal and Marc Adamo – Ghetto Blaster – Hatiras Remix.mp3,Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (John Roman Remix).mp3]

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