DJ BRAKE back in the building. Dude dropped his mixtape and the beginning of the summer and it was one of the most downloaded mixes we had on the site. The dude has some cool things coming up including his Ahundredmagiclions Hip Hop project (which includes a release of his track Salad on Intellegenix soon), Frosh Week decimation in London Ontario and is the resident/namesake of the Brake it Down Sundays that is launching this Sunday @ Strangelove. Big TINGS for this man and a big mix for you. Dancefloor friendly, kinda catchy, something to get you going before you get gone.

Check out the annotated tracklist:

Better DJ on Two Turntables – Bloody Beetroots
—whats good toronto? great way to intro into it full speed using a ‘brake’ sample scratching it and cuing it and just because…
Pon De Floor – Major Lazer
—biggest jam of the summer and I will be playing this like I did Samir’s Theme for 3 years.
Alarm Bells – Action Man
—a little bit of a jem from Herve under his other alias and has a great contrast with Pon De Floor
Radio Ladio (Radioclit Swedish Remix) – Metronomy
—take a bit of the edge off and bringing in some great house
Gay Dentist (Arveene and Misk Straight Gyno Edit) – Mr.Oizo
—these two sound great together as well when you loop the best parts
Be – DJ Sega
—because the Be sample has been so overused I wanted to show the simplest purest baltimore version of it that i twist and use all the time for everyone to take if you didnt have it
When You Hear The Bassline – Major Lazer
– Cut Class were putting some cuts together and he showed me Major Lazer x Sega, then I showed him the Toronto version of it…
Huh? – Golden Gloves x John Roman
—plus I just love this track anyways and have been running it at all my shows across Toronto and rep it when I travel
The Chase – DJ Rob 3
—another track I play like crazy and I created a build from looping a siren into…
Honk My Horn – Lazy Jay
—swagger jacked this from Benny! haha, plus sounds great with…
Bang – Rye Rye
—I put this song on both my mixtapes cause Blaqstarr and anything that is Real club music is where my heart is. Come out to Strangelove Sundays and we will rep Real Club music ‘all day’ just like the song say..
Get It Girl – Jedi ft. Choclair
I played Circa a couple times this summer and Jedi would be in the main room, never really looked much into him, but he just released this track and I never anticipated it being on a fidget/bassline level and being so dope!
Hey! – Laidback Luke & Diplo
—Another banger from this summer that I will play for hella long…
Puah – Gigi Barocco
—sounded really cool with Hey! homies, plus, I wanted to hear that epic brakedown that he has on record.
Wild MF’s – DJ Tamiel
—Club music! this stuff makes me want to kill people…
Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix) – Jesse Rose
—whatever….you fill it in..
Double Up (ft.Lady Chann prod. South Rakkas Crew) – Killaqueenz
—and ol’ joint that works with jesse’s joint…
Barletta – Panther (Torro Torro Remix) – Barletta
—one of my favorite remixes of busy b’s–> (haha wtf)—>panther. shout to yo ev.
Salad (People Person Remix) – A Hundred Magic Lions

[audio:DJ Brake – Brake It Down.mp3]

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