Tuesday Top Ten Special Year End Edition: The Eight Most Popular Artists of 2010

Over the next seven days, SalaciousSound will publish a series comprised of dozens of articles chronicling the best electronic music that 2010 had to offer, across all genres.

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I hope you all enjoyed and were inspired by electronic music in 2010 as much as I was. It was a special year!

This is the fourth article in the series, and is a special edition of my weekly feature, the “Tuesday Top Ten”. Each week in this feature, I select an artist that has either been busy making great remixes, or has been subjected to much remixing. Here, for you today, are in order of popularity, the 8 most popular top ten artist lists of 2010.

8: AN21 and Max Vangeli

Shocking that this pair’s list would be the lowest on this list given they have produced some of my favourite tracks of the year, but you can’t argue with the numbers I guess. These guys made a splash in 2010, but I am really hoping that they break out hard in 2011 (and come to Toronto!) This was my personal favourite top ten of the year.

Ten Great AN21 & Max Vangeli Tracks

7: The Remix Artist Collective (RAC)

RAC did some serious work this year, releasing hit after hypemachine hit. Their knack for remixing, mashing, and just generally giving people the chance to hear their favourite songs for the ‘first time’ again is unquestionable. Hope to see lots more this coming year!!

Tuesday Top Ten: The 10 Best RAC Remixes

6: Lykke Li

Lykke Li definitely showed some staying power, popping up on this list despite most of the remixes being about a year old.. tons of quality stuff there that readers were in to!

Tuesday Top Ten: 10 Fantastic Lykke Li Originals and Remixes

5: Kanye West

I think this one mostly floated on the success of Kanye’s release this year, but the remixes (mostly being from 2009) are top-notch!

The Ten Best Remixes and Mashups of Kanye West Songs

4: Xaphoon Jones / Chiddy Bang

Chiddy is no joke.. the guy is a pop music genious, and is going to be one of the greats. I laughed my ass off when we interviewed Donnis last year, and he was like “yo who’s Chiddy?” You can bet he knows his name now…

Tuesday Top Ten Tracks: The Ten Best Xaphoon Jones/Chiddy Bang Songs

3: Robyn

Robyn had one of the biggest albums of the year, adding to and pushing the bounds of an already great body of work. Her vocals were remixed more times than La Roux was in 2009 I bet, and by yet bigger artists. This was my second favourite top ten of the year after AN21 + Max Vangeli.

Tuesday Top Ten: The Ten Best Robyn Remixes

2: DJ Kue

2010’s best pop-music remixer DJ Kue had SalaciousSound’s second-most popular top ten list of the year. His track selection for remixing is impeccable, and his execution near flawless. Kue’s remixes are exciting because they give the listener a chance to hear a song they love for the first time again, but they aren’t your typical ‘blog house’ remixes – they are extremely high quality, and I expect we will see some proper releases from this chap in 2011!

Tuesday Top Ten: DJ Kue’s Best 10 Pop Remixes

1: Ellie Goulding

The Ellie Goulding top ten was great because of the range in the remixes that were available – people’s remixes range from deep house to electro and dubstep. There are just a ton of great artists on this post that broke out this year in a big way – AN21, Max Vangeli, At Dawn We Rage – and others that have added to already impressive existing bodies of work – Alex Metric, and Russ Chimes. Ellie Goulding’s release this year was as remixable as Robyn’s, and I hope to hear more over the coming months.

Tuesday Top Ten: The Best Ellie Goulding Remixes

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