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Skrillex is back with his third EP (I don’t count More Monsters and Sprites, it was just remixes :P), and without a doubt, he brought his A game. It’s a seven track EP, each stuffed to the gills with pure Skrillex amazingness. Sonny Moore’s production is utterly unique; a totally distinctive style that occasionally avoids transitions altogether, preferring to just smack you in the face with his instantly recognizable distorted wobble bass.

Even though we all know exactly what to expect from Skrillex he still manages to be innovative. The first track on the EP is proof of that. “Right In” is quintessential Skrillex. His bass sounds just like we expect it to, and the drops happen right where we know they will. It’s fantastic.

Skrillex - Right In (Original Mix)

The second track carries the title of the EP, “Bangarang”. It’s a strong showing, and demonstrates Skrillex’s more glitchy side, a-la-Scary Monsters. With plenty of sirens and scary hamster voices, it’s a fun time.

Skrillex - Bangarang feat. Sirah (Original Mix)

The third song on the EP is entitled “Breakn’ a Sweat”. With a slower beat and time signature, it demonstrates a new side to Skrillex. Gone are the fast tempos and wild progressions, but he manages to retain all of the energy. The song is raw emotion, a slow and catchy tune with beautiful layering and unbelievable workmanship.

Skrillex - Breakn' A Sweat (Original Mix)

The Devil’s Den, the next track on the EP, feels a bit more unpolished. It’s still very well made, don’t get me wrong, but there’s less passion. It incorporates a Moombahton tempo and offbeat synths, but it felt a little cookie-cutter electro to me. Meh.

Skrillex and Wolfgang Gartner - The Devil's Den (Original Mix)

Speaking of Moombahton, the next track on the EP is Right On Time. I actually thought for a second that my iTunes had somehow jumped me into Dillon Francis. This song is nuts. The tempo speeds up, then slows down, then the music cuts out, then a guy talks to you, then it speeds up again, eventually turning into a synth that, again, sounded just like Dillon Francis. I was a bit confused.

Skrillex ft Kill The Noise and 12th Planet - Right On Time (Original Mix)

It was during the next song, Kyoto, that I realized that the fact that he sounded like Dillon Francis was a great thing.  He has successfully created a hybrid between drops the size of Mt. Everest and synths that could calm Godzilla (maybe that’s why this song is called Kyoto). He throws in a hip/hop beat and turns it one of the most interesting tracks I’ve listened to in a long time.

Skrillex - Kyoto feat. Sirah (Original Mix)

The EP is finished off by a track called Summit, featuring Ellie Goulding. One of the best voices for EDM, paired with the unrivaled king of vocal rendering. I was shaking a bit as I hit play. Immediately, you notice that it sounds nothing like Skrillex. It’s an electro house tune, without a doubt. Mellow bass and Major chord progressions blend together with Ellie Goulding’s melodic voice to create a relaxing and amazingly balanced work of art. I ended up listening to it on repeat four times in a row.

Skrillex - Summit feat. Ellie Goulding (Original Mix)

In total, I think he did a great job. With a lot of pressure to deliver, and after a mediocre remix of Levels (sorry, it’s true), Sonny definitely had to nail this one. And nail it he did.

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  • Jake

    It’s his 3rd EP even if you don’t count More Monsters…
    -My Name Is Skrillex (self released)
    -Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Mau5trap)
    -Bangarang (Big Beat)

  • Icarus

    ^^Indeed, you are correct

  • Icarus

    And I didn’t disagree with you in the article, in fact, that’s exactly what I said

  • slater

    very good review. I agreed with everything you said. :)

  • Kevin

    Is anyone else confused by the BPMs listed for these tracks on Beatport? For example, Kyoto is listed at 117 but it sounds more like 87 to me. And Summit at 93 sounds more like 70 to me.

  • JB

    Good review, was hugely disappointed with Breakin a Sweat but Summit and Kyoto more than makes up for it. Skrillex hasn’t yet had a repetition of the absolute genius of ‘Still Gettin It’ or ‘Scary Monsters’ but comes pretty close with Kyoto and Summit.

    p.s Ellie Goulding and Skrillex, what a combination.

  • James

    Agree for the most part. Apart from Summit, Bangarang, Kyoto and Right In which were very progressive yet still used signiture Skrillex styles, I’d say I was pretty underwhelmed. This is an EP however, and I would never judge Skrillex too harshly. Breakin a sweat and The Devils Den seem like experiments gone wrong, but they’re are parts in these songs that would definitely be salvagable.

    Right On Time offended me so much that after I bought it from beatport I deleted it. Personally I would’ve love dto have heard more Dub/Techno/House Hybrids as I feel these are his strongest styles. I love his chord work and its obvious he came from an Emo band background as his progression always seem very melodramatic, but maybe, instead of using more tradition Dance effects on his notes, try using various Breakbeat or Electro? Just a thought.

    All in all the six tracks I do listen too are worth £12, and at the edn of the day its just some more songs to add to my Skrillex playlist. Great review man!

  • Machiavelli

    I really disagree with you. First of all I think that this EP is pure garbage. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a hipster who likes to bash on Skrilly. I’m saying that because I’ve seen him do wwwaaaayyy better. The synths used on this EP sound like he took the stock synths from Fruity Loops and produced this shallow tracks. I was excited to see his collab with Ellie but man he really blew it. He barely used her amazing vocals which I think is a shame. The track with The Doors is disgusting. I think the idea is innovative but the lyrics are just so bad. Overall it just feels as if Skrillex rushed through the production of this album and its sad because he is a genius and ”most” of his production is great stuff.

  • Zakk

    I might not know much about music, but my only review to the entire album is that it physically hurts, and it’s awful. I haven’t met anyone who thinks any different.

  • tedd

    I liked skrillex at first, with powerfull tracks like equinox and scatta but this album kinda blows imo

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  • daniel ashby

    I still like skrillex