Well.. it’s that time of the month again. And no, I don’t mean that time when your girlfriend is prone to bawling so uncontrollably during a movie like The Fall “because the world just isn’t fair to little girls” that you’re forced to stop watching 20 minutes before the film ends. No no! This is truly a time more manic, though perhaps the feelings evoked are no more rational.

I’ve been lurking all month, saving up for this, and I am happy to report that the blogosphere has some cool stuff for you. In general, though this series is not my favourite that I run (that title is owned by Salacious Sunday Hip Hop Hits), it is probably one of the most useful in terms of habit creation (or maybe I was already prepared to run this series each month, and it has just embraced the massive amount of digging I do on a regular basis anyway).

It’s also given me some modicum of appreciation for people who do real digging on vinyl, with none of the conveniences owed to those who research on the internet. Though you can access the same editorialization as in record shops in a similar manner, what’s really lacking is the real time human-interactive element. But, perhaps as a tradeoff, you gain access to something quite profoundly useful; crowdsourcing.

As always, let me know what you guys think – this series is for you, after all!

Track of the Month
Suepr-massive Party-rocking Updated-classic Dubstep-remix of the Month
Huh? What’s an Original Track? I Asked Who Remixed It..
Electro House
All Manner of Disco and Synthpop
Other Badness

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