Catch Steve James On His ‘Senioritis Tour’ Across North America + Europe



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Aug 26, 2016

The average 18-year-old graduates high school with a pretty severe case of senioritis, and eager anxiety towards their college years or early 20s. Steve James isn’t your average 18-year-old though. Instead, he’s racking up over 4 million plays on his latest single, “In My Head,” putting together material for a 2017 EP, and hitting the road and the skies for his “Senioritis Tour,” with stops in Spain, the UK, and all across the US. Playing his own gigs and supporting the likes of Matoma, Vanic, and Martin Garrix, Steve’s tour is bound to be a good one. There’s 14 stops in all, and 0 excuses for not making an effort to see this young star on his first official Fall on tour. Check out the ticket link below and get pumped for the “Senioritis Tour”!

‘Senioritis Tour’ Tickets:

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