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Aug 18, 2015

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Mason Alexander’s first taste of house music was in the early 90’s at an underground nightclub called “Industry” in Toronto Canada. This legendary nightclub gave him a vision of what was possible and a desire to be part of an industry showcasing its uniqueness, and vibrancy. This early influence was so profound it planted a seed pulling Mason into a DJ career for many years, which then blossomed into the desire to produce his own unique music.

“Anytime We Dare” Mason’s latest release is versatile with a paradoxical vibe. Big room and yet great “end of the night” track. Rich melodic sounds, deep throbbing bass line, great percussion and subtle vocal gives you a great uplifting vibe with a dark edge.
I really enjoyed this track and I asked Mason a few questions about the creation of it. I asked if he would be ok with me posting some of his comments and he agreed. Below is some insight into Mason’s experience in the process of creating “Anytime We Dare”

“Anytime We Dare” (Used To Be Amazing) by Mason Alexander

SS: What was the inspiration for “Anytime We Dare” and how did it evolve into the current release on August 7th?

MA: The track is about reflecting back on a past relationship, reminiscing about how free and playful the relationship was. During the relationship, they both believed and felt it was an unbreakable relationship.”

SS: Did you take away any “lessons” or did you learn something new about the process of creating music or did you learn something about yourself during the evolution of “Anytime We Dare”?

MA: Originally this track had a different vibe, parked in my hard drive. As I was playing with some vocals for a different piece of work, I had a moment in which it “dawned” on me how these vocals could work with “That track parked on my hard drive” and “Anytime We Dare” was born. I never delete projects, you never know what they can evolve into. Keep everything…

SS: Did you have a “message” in mind when creating this release or what do you hope the listener gets out of listening to this track?

MA: I’m not that kind of producer that initially focuses on what I’m trying to convey to listeners. Everyone has different points of view and different life experiences that affect their perception or worldview. I write what I believe in as long as it creates an emotion in me. This track does deliver a moody, sexy, introspective vibe for me”

SS: Where would you position this track in your set?

MA: It’s a great closing night track

SS: What artists do you listen to? Why them?

MA: I appreciate many artists for their artistry in production. I will say I’m a massive fan of Hernan Cattaneo and follow many of the artists that appear on his weekly Resident podcast.

SS: What is upcoming for Mason Alexander in the near future?

MA: Two EP’s released on Clinique (End of August) and 3xA (September) and three other singles on SOAR between the end of August to mid-October.”

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