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Sep 13, 2015

What was the inspiration for Dark Stars EP and how did it evolve into the current release on August 31st?

I was going for a darker late night dance floor friendly vibe for both. Was also looking to add a little tribal flare with the drums.

Did you take away any “lessons” or did you learn some
thing new about the process of creating music or did you learn something about yourself during the evolution of Dark Stars EP?

Dark Stars & Just The Sound On- for both tracks I went to town on recording VST midi output to a separate audio track while flipping through various effects units presets. After about 10 minutes I knew I had some great micro effects and audio material to then further manipulate. This is such a great technique.

Did you have a “message” in mind when creating this release or what do you hope the listener gets out of listening to this track?

To be honest to real message with these…..when the ideas come to me I run with it. Although I am always looking to create that deep journey vibe, which I think really came through well on both tracks.

Where would you position these track in your set?

“Just The Sound On” Could be an opener for me or a few tracks into the start of a set & “Dark Stars” More of a peak time track during the set. 

This release is on Clinique Recordings out of Russia, what can you tell us about this label?

Great label no question about it! I had a bunch of music they were interested in releasing so we went back and forth via email to get it sorted. It was through that ongoing communication, which was very professional, I came to realize my music was in good hands. I’ve experienced some pretty unprofessional actions from others in this industry so it’s been a real pleasure working with Clinique. They have a highly regarded brand with great music and they’re great to work with. It’s nice to deal with people like this.

What is upcoming for Mason Alexander in the near future?

I have a 2 track EP coming out Sept 14th on 3xA , 2 more singles in the coming months. Also going to be putting together some DJ sets as I’ve neglected this being holed up in the studio this last year. I’d like to play out a few times a month wherever the music takes me!


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