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Jul 16, 2014

Alexander Lewis

We are proud to introduce you to your new favorite producer Alexander Lewis. Combining multiple genres, and having a background as a jazz musician, Alexander Lewis is coming on the scene hardbody. From what I can tell from his soundcloud, Alexander recently rebranded from alxndr jerard to Alexander Lewis, and I see it as a wise move. The taking out vowels thing is a bit played out by now. His music wasn’t lacking anything before his rebranding. He has already caught our attention, and my favorite collective Flow-Fi‘s as well. The first track we have for you, is his last as alxndr jerard, and it has a bit of a Mr. Carmack meets RL Grime feel to it. The last two are from the new Tape Tracks series from Flow-Fi, and are the first as Alexander Lewis.

(march of the) Sentinels

Alexander Lewis – Seasons EP

I had a moment to chat with Alexander Lewis, and I asked him what inspires him. I think it would be nice to end things on a wonderful quote from this beatician. “When it comes to the end of the day, my family and my best friends are my biggest inspiration. They remind me to keep pushing, and lend their undying support 100% of the time. Musically, a lot of the artists on Soulection and Flow-Fi inspire me. A lot of those artists I have come to look up to, without even knowing who they are- I just know them from their music. The two seem to intertwine a lot for me Family/Musical inspiration.

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