Hard Summer Music Festival

Hard Summer Music Festival

Hard Summer Music Festival is just around the corner. A music festival with so many acts, its hard to know which performances to catch. Often people will test your knowledge of the artists and acts performing at Hard Summer. We have decided to give you a cheat sheet list of some of the lesser known acts that you should learn to love and hopefully check out at Hard Summer this year.

Pilo is one of those young guns signed to BNR and has collaborated with Boys Noize, Justin Jay, & Sinden. His productions include a large roster of solid tracks. His music has all the classic house and techno elements you love. You can catch Pilo dropping an opening set at the Green Stage on Sunday.


Nadus is one of the major players in the Jersey Club movement. Although he is affiliated to Brick Bandits and Thread, he has made genre defying tracks on top of the Jersey Club staples he produced. You can find him on the purple stage Saturday.


Anna Lunoe is one of those extremely talented DJ’s with an ear for music. She is also a well respected producer and vocalist. Catch her playing on the green stage Saturday.


Hannah Wants is currently the leading lady of the garage music scene in the UK. She has so many solid Garage House tracks that you wonder if she sleeps. Her music incorporates classic house with current production, which is a breathe of fresh air in this Electronic Music scene. Catch her set at the pink stage Sunday.


You should know who MK is, but if you don’t we forgive you. Marc Kinchen is a House music staple that is still making solid tracks. He has so many productions under his belt its crazy. He is a must see at Hard Summer and you can catch his house vibes at the pink stage Sunday.


CRNKN is a versatile act that keeps the party going with his many different tracks. He has songs that are mellow to even fast paced bass heavy tracks. He will be opening up the purple stage on Saturday.


Here at Salacious Sound we’re excited to see Erol Alkan bring back those early electro house vibes that we loved back in 2009. He has been quietly putting out tunes, but we still love his classics.




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