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May 14, 2015

Toronto producer & RBMA alum, Exeter recently released his self-titled debut EP on Rare Beef to critical acclaim and review. The EP is a free flowing cinematic eerie aural journey set against a dark urban landscape. Inspired by horror/sci-fi flicks, modern rap and 16-bit video games, Exeter builds a sound and narrative uniquely his own. Check out XTRA, track 4 from the EP above.

Exeter on XTRA:

There’s this unreleased Prince song, only released as a bootleg, that I’ve been in love with for years. At one point a friend more prince obsessed than me managed to dig up a better sounding bootleg than the one we already knew and loved. Unfortunately, it was pitched down and slower. We had listened to this song far too many times to accept this so I put the track in ableton, sped and pitched it up, then exported it for us both to enjoy. At this point the track was already in Ableton, why the hell wouldn’t I have fun with it? What started as a edit for fun quickly became something much more.

I fell in love with the fake-guitar sounding patch used on this track the second I heard it. I consider this track somewhat of a love letter to my girl. She doesn’t know that but maybe someday I’ll tell her.

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