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Waxlimbs is the primary creative project of producer and performer Alex Metcalfe from Toronto, Canada. At times described as ambience, glitch, dance and noise, Waxlimbs strives to find new sonic territory to frame stories and concepts. Taking inspiration from Beili Liu, Fumito Ueda, The Knife and various others, the scope of the project is in a continuously shifting flux. Working with costumed theatrics in a live setting, Waxlimbs is a different experience on stage and recorded.

His debut single “Spots // Breathing” on Rare Beef is avant-garde exploration of noise, disharmony and arpeggiated overdriven synth bass. Featuring vocals from mysterious singer Mash, the “Spots” is a 6 minute epic journey that seems to only grow more expansive with each second. On the b-side, “Breathing” featuring vocalist Isabella Davis, is the perfect compliment to it’s partnered track; a euphoric, lush come-down serves as the releases denouement. Both tracks are available as a free download via Waxlimb’s Facebook page.

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