Drunk In Love Remix – Beyonce, Jay Z + Kanye West

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Feb 19, 2014


Kanye West is at it again, hitting fans with just the right amount of wrong information on his graphic remix of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.” With explicit descriptions of a deeply gratifying sex life, I can’t help but feel Kanye wants to share some advice with his fans. The true take away from his verse must clearly be how “Reversing That Cowgirl” creates the kind of sexual napalm that keeps relationships together. Dropping the remix on Valentines Day, Kanye succeeded in filling his verse with great relationship advice. Or horribly questionable. I’ll leave that call to you.


Kanye’s verse is perfection when paired with an already sexy song – dirty, yet deeply alluring. His signature style holds true for the verse, showcasing his lyrical trademark combination of mildly offensive and awesome. Kanye also manages to teases fans with a sample of “Flashing Lights” making fans wonder if 2007 Kanye is superior to 2014’s “Yeezus.”

No matter, I will use his rodeo themed advice in my own love life and if questioned about any success I can only answer… “Yeezy taught me.”

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