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Feb 9, 2013

Following the release of their highly-acclaimed Mechanical EP, I caught up with U-Tern of California house duo, Oliver, to talk about the project.
Q: How was your day?

A: Very good, another busy day in the life of Oliver


Q: Both U-Tern and Oligee are successful acts. What led to the two of you collaborating?

A: Well I used to make trips to LA to work on music – at that point we were just making beats, nothing serious really. Once I made the move to LA it just happened naturally, we made a song called “Walk With Me” and decided to just release it on the internet under the name Oliver. After that it got picked up by the french label Kitsuné.


Q: Which one of you is the head and which one is the hair? Who does what in your duo?

A: Haha, we play equal parts in Oliver, both in the studio and in the live show.


Q: Now why the name “Oliver”?

A: It’s pretty simple, U-Tern’s real last name is Oliver, and Oligee’s real first name is Oliver


Q: What was your inspiration for the Mechanical EP?

A: A-Trak wanted to do some collaborations and his management recommended us; from there we started a really good working relationship. He really liked what we were doing and wanted to put a record out with us. He was really hands on with the process, listening to demos and giving feedback, him and Nick Catchdubs helped to decide which songs made the EP.


Q: Did you expect it to be received as well as it was? What is your favourite track on the release?

A: Any positive feedback we get is a blessing, the fact some people enjoy our music is a gift. What’s more important to us than charts and lists is when people tell us they like what we are doing, just knowing that it’s connecting with listeners from around the world is a great feeling, even if it’s only a few people.  “MYB” is a track we are really excited about, we’re planning to make a video for it soon


Q: Can you talk a bit about your creative process? How do you approach a new track?

A: We like to try different things when we’re in the studio, it gets boring just making dance music every time. We love all styles of music, and we enjoy the challenge of stepping out of our comfort zone. The first steps of the creative process are always the most inspiring. But finally getting finished with something that’s taken so much work is also incredibly rewarding.


Q: What’s your production setup?

A: Logic and Protools are the center pieces in the studio, most of the work is done on the computers. We have many analog pieces of gear too, we actually just did a feature for Future Music Magazine where we show all the gear we use and some of the creative process, stay tuned for that.


Q: Do you have any upcoming projects that you can talk about?

A:  2013 is going to be a busy year for us. We are heading out on the WURLD TURR with Dillon Francis, and will probably follow that up with more shows in the Summer. We have a couple of new remixes on the way, and hopefully we’ll release some more original music before the end of the year.


Q: Final question, and one I’m very curious to know: Who’s in your Top 10 most-played artists on iTunes?

A: Some of our favorite artists are Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, DJ Premier, A Tribe Called Quest, Daft Punk, Prince Paul, RZA, and Chic



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