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Jan 21, 2013

Spearheading one’s own genre is no easy task, especially with the complexities of daily life to be maneuvered and organized. However, finding the time to raise and manipulate bass levels is a breeze when you consider production time as your down time. Konrad produces at an exponential rate, from hip-hop to house to dancehall,  dub-step, and everything in-between. This level of skill becomes apparent very quickly when in the studio with Konrad OldMoney, as he will have a new track well on it’s way within a matter of minutes. And with a minimum of two tracks a day, he is well on his way to seeing the solidarity of his genre, coined as “Global Bass”.


Hours logged coupled with work ethic will get you far no doubt, this then coupled culture, will take you that much further. Konrad’s exposure to different people and cultures and music over the years has been drastic to say the least. Everything, everything. Over these years that have been the melting pot of his life Global Bass has successfully fused all of these influences and persevered into his sound, as it is today.


We caught up with Konrad in the studio for some words.


His ‘Solar Maximus’ EP (released summer 2012) is available for free download following the interview.


Hey man, thank’s for taking the time. Describe yourself in five words or less.

Make sluts shake ass lots.


How long have you been producing music? What took you there?
About 8 years now.. Started off by being a rapper, breakdancer, graffiti vandal for many years. Then discovered quite quickly that I was much better at the music production side of things.

I am now all about genre bending and making girls get slutty on the dancefloor. I also produce for my band Smokey Robotic, based in NYC.


Smokey Robotic. Learn us on the Super Future group.

Smokey Robotic is a four member group and we are breaking new ground with a genre of music we call “superfuture,” which transcends reality with a style that incorporates, but is not limited to, a blend of Hip Hop, soul, Pop, and Electronic. Smokey Robotic’s album release for “MUSIUM” Saturday Feb 2nd, 2013. Get your tickets now!


You must move between NYC and Vancouver a fair amount. A best of both worlds scenario. What is the best of each city for you?

I love Vancouver with all my heart, man. So many different cultures here… The city is charming as fuck, the women and food are both delicious. The vibe here allows me to relax enough to create whatever the hell I want. It’s a big enough city where things don’t get boring but also not too hectic. The cultural presence is strong too, with people living here from all over the world, therefore you can be constantly exposed to various styles of music and disciplines of thought.

My brothers in NYC are the most solid people I know. They keep me motivated and working hard toward a future goal of being all in the same place doing all the creative things we love to do, together.


How much time on average do you spend producing each week?
According to my Google calendar and angry girlfriends, I average about 12 plus hours a day… you can times that by seven, add weekend extra stuff… I’m pulling in around seventy something hours on average.


And music production doesn’t define your entire skill set does it? You’ve also done some sound design for EA Games. Is this correct?
I have done soundtrack work and sound design for Fight Night Champion in which I had three tracks placed for different fighters entrances and such, SSX tricky Deadly Descents in which I designed the audio for the main menu screens and overall ambience as well as a licensed cut named ‘Big Error’ , which appeared on the official soundtrack release as well.

There’s another game I’m working on that isn’t public yet so I’m not allowed to mention it’s name. But it rhymes with “Shmen Bee Eh.”

Got some more coming this year most likely. I am also working on the entire sound design and score for a video game which I am developing with my team back here in Vancouver, which should be shipping by spring.


Your label status has come up a few times in the past. What is your status as it is today? Do you have your sights on anyone?

Right now I would love to work with a couple diff labels and groups. I am currently doing the free agent thing and am working on projects with several diff artists, one being Afrikan Boy, (that project will be hype as fuck). Done some stuff with YP as well.

Would love to do something with Mad Decent or the like. However right now it’s much better for me to just stay unsigned so that I can have complete control over my career and output.


What is Global Bass and why is it you?

Global Bass is a blend of genres mainly focusing on rhythm over melody. Mean fuckin bass and lots of really nasty drums from different cultural regions such as Edo State, India, Africa , Brazil… the list goes on. I pull a lot of energy out of my favourite genre Kuduro.

Global Bass is me because I say it is.


If someone were to look for more Global Bass, aside from you, who do you suggest they look towards?

Switch (my favourite producer currently in that compass), The Very Best (amazing guys, love em, and their music is bonkers). Buraka Som Sistema (my favourite Kuduro group). Worth looking into Puto Prata as well. He also does Kuduro, shit is mean tho.




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