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Feb 11, 2013


A minute ago we featured an interview with Vancouver-based global bass producer, Konrad OldMoney. The interview’s focus was primarily on the producer’s work as a solo artist. His involvement in a ‘super future’ group was discussed in brief, then later looked into at some length. The digging on SoundCloud that ensued raked in a handful of free, non-commercial pop-laden electronica tracks with elements of trap, house, big room and much more.

Smokey Robotic, the four member collective, comprised of an even half and half of vocalists and producers, have been in the game for some time.  Although not making you garden variety electronica that a producer or duo might, these guys do make highly-danceable music. Let Hot Brass be your doorway into Smokey Robotic. Mambo Number 5, Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Sex Sax by Drop The Lime may come to mind when listening.


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