BOYSNOIZE Records returns to Toronto Saturday September 8th w/ Strip Steve + more

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BOYSNOIZE Records  is so much more than a label named after Alexander Ridh’s alter-ego.  The label produces quality releases by some of today’s top dance music producers. Strip Steve’s ‘Micro Mega LP’ is a perfect example of the collective’s desire to present a broad range of dance music to the general public. The ultimate goal remains the same regardless genre and form, to get you on the dance-floor. SalaciousSound is proud to present this BOYSNOIZE Records party alongside Earmilk, The New Toronto, and ElectriCITY Events this coming Saturday at The Great Hall.

Quality CTRL is presenting the label’s talent in Toronto for a second time. This edition features not only Toronto’s Rynecologist, who is also represented by label, but Azari and III’ Dinamo Azari, whose name has been synonymous with cutting edge dance in Toronto for some time now, alongside Strip Steve himself.

This is the Toronto release party for ‘The Micro Mega LP’. Described as “It’s the idea that everything from the microscopic scale to the infinitely large, is designed from a similar pattern. A fractalist vision of what surrounds us, a way of seeing variety and chaos as part of One. A peaceful & unitive idea all in all…” the ‘Micro Mega’ LP is exhibits the range of Strip Steve’s influences. The serenity of ‘Astral Projections’ is juxtaposed with the warehouse clattering techno track ‘Calcium’. A personal highlight is ‘ One Thing’ featuring veteran America house vocalist Robert Owens.

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