Memorecks performs ‘Heat’ live using MPC1000, Animoog, Ableton Live



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May 31, 2012

Memorecks on YouTube

Memorecks is a live performance artist and producer who we recently covered in a 14+ minute ‘in the studio’ feature, in which he literally creates two songs from scratch using sounds we completely surprised him with. You can check that out here.

If one thing is obvious from that feature – or any of Memorecks’ many videos on his YouTube channel – it’s that this guy has serious talent. It was no surprise when we learned he’d be supporting Zeds Dead, Omar LinX, and a cast of other great musicians on ZD’s Living Dead Tour.

This is a live jam using an MPC1000 for the samples and drums, Moog Animoog on the iPad3 for the bass sounds, and Ivory2 VST for the piano in Ableton Live.

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