Damn Kids – Yema EP

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May 23, 2012

Available exclusively on Beatport

Toronto musician/DJ/prodigy Damn Kids just released his second EP ‘Yema’, a three track effort with the maturity of a record by a producer twice his age.

The title track combines tribal drums, complex percussion switchups, lush sub, and clever vocal sampling to create a jump-up house anthem worthy of an artist’s 5th EP.

The second track, a collaborative effort with Caruzo titled ‘Buti’, is the darkest on the EP; it masterfully evokes tension through its use of sparse instrumentation and washing soundscape, and is an impressive display of the artists’ adroitness with reverb.

‘Totem’, while borrowing the same 40hz focus from ‘Yema’, is decidedly more techy and rolling, and subconsciously instructs the listener to put “sunglasses on.”

With just one listen it’s obvious that this is a record that is about the details, and that they have all been attended to.

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