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Mar 2, 2012

Uppermost’s Life Is a Fight EP is out now! It features Uppermost’s signature upbeat rhythm, and is careful not to be over the top sounding.

Life is a Fight to not like the track by the same name!

[wpaudio url=”http://geo-samples.beatport.com/items/volumes/volume3/items/3000000/200000/70000/2000/600/20/3272622.LOFI.mp3″ text=”Uppermost – Life Is a Fight (Original Mix)” dl=”true”]

Then there is Teleguide, very mellow and under-the-radar kind of sound, but also seems to have a very ominous feel to it; it is a transcendental kind of song. One I would probably listen to while snowboarding nonchalantly down the mountain.

[wpaudio url=”http://geo-samples.beatport.com/items/volumes/volume4/items/3000000/200000/70000/2000/600/20/3272623.LOFI.mp3″ text=”Uppermost – Teleguide (Original Mix)” dl=”true”]

Enjoy, And Support Uppermost!

Don’t be intimidated by it’s size, take a listen!

It is on Beatport, iTunes and his own personal site Uppwind.

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