Vlsonn gives us ‘The Skinny’ on bass music [album review]

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Feb 15, 2012

We first brought you news of this talented Toronto producer back in May 2010 when he released his forward-looking remix of Neon Lies, lending some cool with a twisted techno flip on Blue Neptune’s decidedly pop-y original.

Since then it has been my pleasure to present his work on three other occasions, always with a track that has managed to absolutely exceed my expectations. Take his remix of Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow, for example. I think at the time I was getting around 10 same-y sounding Wiz Khalifa remixes a week, forgetting same-y sounding dubstep. But somehow he found a sound that challenged the norm, and made something truly unexpected and exciting out of the ordinary.

His name is Vlsonn, and yesterday he released a three-track EP via Sincerious titled ‘The Skinny’, which includes his original conception of the EP’s namesake track, and two remixes by Wireman and Blynk.

The original does a great job of building atmosphere and tension, and providing release with the familiarity of the somewhat somber main synth line juxtaposed with the complex, shuffle-y, and decidedly upbeat percussion arrangements.

[wpaudio text=”Vlsonn – The Skinny (Original Mix)” url=” – The Skinny (Original Mix).mp3″ dl=”true”]

And the remixes are both outstanding choices to accent this EP, taking the listener through the spectrum of dubstep.

The Blynk remix has a much more familiar and, at times, west-coast dubstep feel. It uses inviting synth accents on the main melody, and a simple but effective kick-centric percussion pattern which definitely got my head nodding.

[wpaudio text=”Vlsonn – The Skinny (Blynk Remix)” url=” – The Skinny (Blynk Remix).mp3″ dl=”true”]

The Wireman remix is a percussion-centric number, with a big dynamic range and much more empty space than the other two contributions. The main melody is used extremely sparsely though effectively, teasing the listener and providing that excitement of something familiar, until in the latter half it is filtered in before a break providing something of a build-up effect, then chopped and screwed. Very exciting!

[wpaudio text=”Vlsonn – The Skinny (Wireman Remix)” url=” – The Skinny (Wireman Remix).mp3″ dl=”true”]

The EP was released for free via the Sincerious Bandcamp

Vlsonn on Soundcloud

Blynk on Soundcloud

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