Flosstradamus – Total Recall EP [music video + MP3’s]


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Feb 24, 2012

I first came across Flosstradamus‘ “Total Recall” a few months back around the same time that I posted my Top fifty electronic albums of 2011. Ok, that’s a bit of a lie. I didn’t exactly “come across” it per se. Truth is, a buddy of mine showed me the video for “Total Recall” after he had a look through my top 50 albums and found that there was not nearly enough “fist pumping”. Yes, I know that is an egregious error on my part. A lack of fist pumping can be quite devastating. I certainly could learn a thing or two from Flosstradamus

Lucky for me (and you) Flosstradamus’ fist pumping lesson comes in the form of a free EP! It’s a wonder what 3 tracks of hard-hitting 808 hi-hats and saccharine synths can do for the mind. Needless to say, my friend Munir deserves a big shout-out for showing me the (strobe) light. Enough fist pumpin’ for ya now?

The Total Recall EP is now available as a free digital download on Mad Decent‘s sub-label Jeffree’s:

[wpaudio text=”Flosstradamus – Total Recall” url=”http://www.salacioussongs.com/files/Flosstradamus – Total Recall.mp3″ dl=”true”]


[wpaudio text=”Flosstradamus – MOTA” url=”http://www.salacioussongs.com/files/Flosstradamus – MOTA.mp3″ dl=”true”]


[wpaudio text=”Flosstradamus – UR Life” url=”http://www.salacioussongs.com/files/Flosstradamus – UR Life.mp3″ dl=”true”]


Happy Friday y’all! Whether you’re in T.O., Tokyo, or Dubai make sure you party like it’s the last thing you will ever do on this fine planet we call Earth. Cheers!

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