How Did the Disgrace of London Become a High Rotation Banger?


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Jan 19, 2012

If you’re from London, ON or surrounding area you’ve probably heard what is the laughing stock of the town right now. If not, our mayor has decreed a cheesier than Twlight melodic piece of shit titled ‘London is the City of Opportunity‘ “words to live by”.

That said, I recently discovered a remix of the song by an artist named Under_Skörs; when you make something so ridiculous in today’s time, you’re simply asking for it to be remixed.

Under_Skörs’ remix is a dubstep nightmare, which has all the filth and grime you could ever need. It starts with the original slow melody which works its way to the drop, where a deep + darkened voice swing and the lyrics are suddenly flipped in to a dubstep grinder.

It’s a hilarious remix of a terrible song, which turned a disgrace into something in rotation on my iPod.

London is the City of Opportunity (Under_Skör Remix)

After searching Under_Skörs soundcloud page I found several other chaotic Dubstep tracks and even a softer Electro House that are defiantly worth listening too and worth checking out Under_Skörs soundcoud page which you can do here.

Runaway (Under_Skör Remix)

In A Dream (Under_Skör Remix)

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