SOFI EP (mau5trap) & ZEDD EP (OWSLA)

SOFI has unleashed her debut solo artist EP on deadmau5’s mau5trap record label titled, Locked and Loaded, which includes an intense team-up assault with Foreign Beggars, Millions Like Us and Vulgratron on one of the tracks. Her vocals never disappointed in the past and so they had no reason of doing so in this release. Stick this into your music player blender and get back to me. SOFI, for standing your ground like a big girl, you knocked this out of the park. Actually, fck parks, there always full of dog shit. You knocked this out further than 2012…

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SOFI ft. Foreign Beggars, Millions Like Us & Vulgratron – Joyride [mau5trap Records] by 1ReySon
SOFI – Broken Souvenirs [mau5trap Records] by 1ReySon

Zedd fired out a remix EP of his single, Shave It. The original was a smasher, and now i have three more tracks in my library that are smashers. At this rate, even as a music blogger, i can’t keep up with all the EDM that’s being dished out day after day. However, Zedd is one lad i keep my tabs on and check up on regularly. As part of the OWSLA (Skrillex Record label) fam, it’s a sure winning bet that the world will witness more and more of him, and start wanting to keep tabs on him. For all you MObros out there, keep your stache and don’t do what the title of this track says! Anyhow, take this EP out for a test run and come back to me when your underwear aren’t crusty…
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Zedd – Shave It (501 Remix) by 1ReySon
Zedd – Shave It (Kaskade Remix) by 1ReySon
Zedd – Shave It (Tommy Trash Remix) by 1ReySon

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